Health Insurance Agent, Life Insurance agent

Timothy & Amanda Baggett


Tim Baggett has been an Insurance Broker in the  Lakeland, FL, area for over 20 years. Amanda is also a licensed agent and co-owner of Amerus Financial Group. They are both leading producers specializing in Health and Life Insurance. They are parents of six children and their favorite activity is spending quality time with their family.

Ruben Jean Pierre

Field Manager & Medicare Specialist

Ruben Pierre has been in the Life, Health and Annuity business for over 16 years now. Ruben is also our resident Medicare specialist. Ruben’s childhood dream was to become a pilot but he now enjoys the sales business and especially helping families. In his free time, you will find Ruben working on cars, lawns or playing sports.

health insurance agent, life insurance agent, medicare specialist
Life Insurance agent, Health insurance agent

Jeffrey Jacob Hill

Field Support Specialist

Jacob is 22 years old and has recently joined the Amerus Financial Group team. Jacob specializes in marketing, sales & recruitment. He previously owned a branch of a CCTV company and graduated from college, majoring in Theology. Jacob enjoys hunting, playing with his dog Wesson, and spending time with his family. Jacob’s favorite holiday is Christmas because of the atmosphere and the feelings of joy in everyone’s lives. Jacob also enjoys playing the bass guitar and especially drums.

Michael Samuels


Michael Samuels specializing in Financial Planning, Retirement Planning & Life Insurance. He has worked as a personal banker and he enjoys helping people properly prepare for the future. He enjoys spending time with his family at Disney world, fishing and football. Michael has been working since he was fourteen, having jobs from Movic operator at AMC to tree cutter and finally, as a financial advisor.

Life Insurance Agent, Health Insurance Agent
Amerus Financial Group Lakeland florida

Nashia Trinchet

Contracting Support

Nashia Trinchet was born in Newark, New Jersey and moved to Florida with her family when she was 8 years old. At Amerus Financial Group, she is a Certificated Agent Assistant. Her skills and hobbies consist of learning new concepts quickly and communicating ideas clearly and effectively. She has proven experience in customer service, training & development, extensive computer training, including knowledge of multiple networking environments and business software packages, social media training, excellent listener, coach, and motivator. When she is not working you can catch her in Lakeland Florida doing Yoga or cooking foreign food!

Jessica Hill

Office Manager

Jessica is 22 years old and recently joined the Amerus Financial Group team. Jessica recently moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Florida and specializes in graphic design and customer service. When she was a child she wanted to be a paleontologist but instead graduated from college, majoring in Theology. She is the oldest of five children and loves to play bass guitar, piano, art and missions trips.

Customer service Amerus Financial, office manager amerus financial
Health insurance agent, life insurance agent

Maria Ojeda


Maria has been in the insurance business for the past six years and specializes in health, life and annuities. Maria is a people person and has always aspired to be an insurance and real estate agent. She previously worked manufacturing jewelry and she enjoys spending time with her family. Maria loves the outdoors, the color purple, playing guitar and the Summer. She comes from a large family of 14 children.

Imani Hancock


Imani Hancock has been in the insurance business for over twenty years; she specializes in Life, Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, and also in Annuities. She previously was employed as a teacher, counselor, and case manager. Imani grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and enjoys singing, reading and playing keyboard. Her favorite place to eat is at home and her favorite dish is Ackee & Saltfish (Jamaican National Dish).

Life Insurance agent, Health Insurance agent
Receptionist Amerus Financial Group

Hannah Baggett


Hannah Baggett is the receptionist at Amerus Financial Group, she enjoys working in the family owned business but one day hopes to become a veterinarian. She is the oldest of six children and loves reading, sports, running and studying. Hannah’s favorite season is fall and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

Abigail Baggett

Social Media Specialist

Abigail Baggett is the newest member of the Amerus Financial Team. She specializes in social media promotion and SEO. Her goal is to raise awareness of Amerus Financial to a national level and help families nationwide receive better health and financial care. While she is out of the office she enjoys basketball , playing drums and her favorite food is anything from a Chinese restaurant.

Seo Specialist
Amerus Financial Group, Life Insurance agent, health insurance agent

Michael Whitley


Michael Whitley has been assisting clients with their financial planning & insurance needs since 2001. In 2004, he began to specialize in Retirement & Estate Planning. This decision was prompted by his involvement with the personal and financial needs of his father. He was his main care giver until he passed away at the age of 94. This made him very aware of the advantages of proper estate planning and having proper plans and insurance in place. Michael has always maintained that the number one priority is taking the time to discover what is most important to our clients and developing a plan to meet their unique objectives and having a talent for making the most complex planning issues simple and explaining them in a clear and concise way.