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Medicare Part A, B and D may be enough coverage for some, but for the majority of the population the coverage just isn’t enough. That is where a Medicare Advantage plan comes into play. These plans will help you cover your medical expenses while oftentimes giving added benefits to you. Each plan has its own little nuances, and what is right for me may not be right for you. That is why it is very important you speak with a licensed and certified insurance broker who can assist you in finding the right plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a medicare Advantage Plan:

    Medicare Advantage plans, also known as “MA Plans” or “Part C” are an alternative to traditional medicare. While you still have “Medicare” these plans bundle medicare part A and Part B, oftentimes even part D to give you a comprehensive plan option. These plans are regulated by the federal government and any company who wishes to offer a MA Plan must abide by strict regulations.

  • MA Plans cover all of the same services that traditional medicare would cover, while often adding some additional benefits such as: Dental, Vision, Hearing, gym membership, transportation and much more.

  • What you pay when you see the doctor or have an inpatient/outpatient procedure depends on several factors. Medicare pays a fixed amount to the Insurer each month for your services, and the plan must abide with certain boundaries, but each medicare advantage plan can charge different out of pocket cost and even have different rules by which you can obtain services, so long as they stay with the boundaries set forth by Medicare

  • While not all MA Plans offer Part D (prescription drug coverage), most do. Each plan chooses the copay and or coinsurance for drugs based on a tier rating. This information can be found in your plan formulary.

  • Medicare Supplements do not in unison with Medicare Advantage plans. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan and choose to enroll in a stand alone PDP plan, you will be disenrolled from your medicare advantage plan and return to original medicare